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You want to reinterpret your data to gain better insights into your business? You have a huge amount of geoscientific data you want to exploit at its full potential? You want to discover hidden patterns in your data? You want to make predictions in 2D and 3D space? Together we can make it happen!

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About us

We are a team of young consultants with experience in academia and the industry. We have expertise in the mining, oil and gas, and environmental fields. Our approach is multidisciplinary, and we combine the best tools in geology, geophysics, geostatistics, data mining and machine learning to help you reach your goals.

The Team

Martin Blouin PhD ing. jr.

Co-Founder of Geolearn, Martin is currently working in environmental data assimilation for industrial sites.

As a postdoc at Institut Français du Pétrole (IFPEN) in Paris, Martin was part of multivariate algorithms research aiming to integrate seismic attributes in petroleum reservoir models.
While doing his PhD in geophysics at INRS-ETE, Martin co-founded MBMS Solution where he developed a reflection seismic data acquisition system for environmental and geotechnical applications.

Antoine Caté PhD

Co-Founder of Geolearn, Antoine is an economic geologist working on the integration of geological data in mineral exploration.

He was the team leader of the Data Miners who finished second at the Integra Gold Rush Challenge. Antoine has a strong field experience (France, Morocco, Australia, Ireland and Canada) together with skills in data mining and machine learning. Antoine holds a Ph.D. in economic geology from INRS-ETE and a Geological Engineer diploma (Master Degree) from Institut Polytechnique LaSalle Beauvais.

Lorenzo Perozzi PhD

Co-Founder of Geolearn, Lorenzo main interests focus on geodata assimilation and visualization.

Lorenzo has more than 10 years of academic experience in data analysis, data integration and data visualization of geological and geophysical data, across Canada and Switzerland. A true data science enthusiast, Lorenzo spends his spare time searching for new inspiring visualization technologies that can be applied in geoscience industry. Lorenzo holds a Ph.D. in geophysics from INRS-ETE and a MS in Geological Engineering from University of Lausanne.

Our history

Geolearn was founded at the end of 2016 and since then several milestones have been reached.

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