Enhancing geoscientific data

Artificial intelligence services and tailor-made software solutions to solve your specific problems and allow you to better understand and enhance your data.

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Our offer

AI-Driven data analysis

Geolearn uses state-of-the-art technologies such as deep and shallow learning as well as geostatistics, to retrieve more information, recognize hidden patterns and increase the power of your data so that you can solve the problems of your geoscience projects.


We offer connected, interactive and portable solutions to visualize effectively, explicitly and aestheticly your content from predictions or raw data.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Software solutions and
data storage

We produce tailor-made software solutions for the storage, processing and interpretation of data including, as needed, relational databases and interactive visualization interfaces.

Knowledge sharing

You have training needs in machine learning, geostatistics or python programming applied to geosciences? We can meet your needs, whether through in-house or online training courses.

Our achievements

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Seismic data analysis

Automatic facies classification, clustering 2D/3D, automatic interpretation of faults/fractures and Bayesian stochastic inversion.

wireline logs analysis

Log prediction, clustering and automated classification of rock facies.

Airborne geophysical data analysis

Mapping high resolution airborne geophysics images from low resolution data using AI, deep learning feature extraction and more

Geoscience applications

Predikor (automated description of core pictures, Unbox (Depth referencing of core images from core box photographs)


Founded in 2017 by students from INRS-ETE, Geolearn has developed unique data processing and image analysis routines in the field of geoscience. Considered as a leader in innovation, Geolearn launched Predikor in 2018 and hosted several Machine Learning workshops throughout Canada. In 2022, Geolearn joined the company Geostack to continue the development of new technologies and the use of artificial intelligence to solve problems in geosciences.